Pinto Beans In The Nose

Andrea spread Pinto beans on the kitchen table.

It was Andrew’s job to look for anything that did not belong. Andrea's Mom did the same thing for her when she was little.

She never found anything in the beans and that was OK with her, she liked helping her Mom.

While Andy was looking for anything that didn't  look like a pinto bean, Andrea said,  “I got to run to the toilet real quick.”

Andy asked, “Can’t you make the toilet run to you?”

“I wish I could, while I’m gone don’t put any beans in your nose.”

His mom came back to the kitchen and saw Andy trying to put a bean in his nose

She shouted, “ANDREW LEEEEE! - What did I tell you before I left?"

He gave a "What" look that didn't fool his Mom.

"Don't give me that innocent look, I told you not to put Pinto beans in your nose.”

“But Mom, I didn’t know that I could do that before you told me not to.”

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