Sarah and Billy took a tour of
The Denali National Park

They boarded a shiny green bus that looked like an old school bus. The ride started calmly, and the views were magnificent.

As the ride went further into Denali, Billy’s heart went from calm to racing at top speed. The buses were traveling on a death-defying road. 

Looking out the window, all Billy saw, were deep valleys a thousand feet below, he did not see the edge of the road.

Going deeper into the park, The bus driver spotted a Mama Bear and her two cubs. He stopped to let everyone take pictures.

One cub was close to her Mom and the other stood farther away on its hind legs, crying.

The Mama Bear raised her head and called back. She slowly headed in the direction of the lost bear's cries.

Reunited, the cub that stayed closest to Mom, cat slapped the head of the lost bear.

Billy told Sarah, “That’s the big sister.”

©️ LuMar Lee 2023,
all rights reserved

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©️ LuMar Lee 2023,
all rights reserved

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