A cow is sticking its head through the wall

Sarah and Jimmy went to Julian, located in the beautiful Cuyamaca Mountains, near San Diego, to pick apples in the fall.

There were lots of tourists and the restaurants on Main Street were full. They tried to find a place less crowded.

They walked a block north of Main Street and found one that was not busy and there were plenty of open booths.

Before they were seated, they noticed a stuffed buffalo hanging on the wall.

Beneath the buffalo was another family giving their order to the waitress.

The young daughter asked her Mom, “Why is that cow sticking its head through the wall like that?”

Her Mom gave an extended scientific explanation and when she finished, her daughter asked, “But why is it sticking its head through the wall?”

A form of that question must have been asked many times before. The waitress quickly gave her version of the story.

“Well, young lady, that cow was really hungry. She ran so fast that she missed the door and went through the wall.”

The little girl replied “Oh.”

Have you overheard a child’s question about the “WHY” questions of life? Can you create a brief story of that moment to share with your readers?

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