Fat Credit Card

I remember the day when I was going to work and saw a guy near three black plastic bags.

Waiting at the stop light, I saw that he had two bags lined up on the sidewalk, as he carried a third bag and placed it in front of the other two, he went back to the last bag and picked it up, and walked to the front of the other two bags on the sidewalk.

Eight hours later, on the way home, I saw him performing the same ritual and could see that he had traveled a full city block.

Reflecting on what I saw made me wonder and question.

Did the authorities take his shopping cart and returned it to the rightful owner to which it belonged?

Does his mind trick him into believing the stuff in his black bags will turn into food to eat, when the store shelves are empty?

Arriving home and pulling my car into the garage, I squeezed it in between boxes of my stuff.

Remembering the guy and his three black bags, I knew that I needed to get rid of some of that junk before I become homeless. Things are looking kind of shaky at work.

I decided to open one of the boxes. I looked inside and found precious memories, that I hadn’t seen in years.

Closing the box, I thought, I can’t get rid of that, it might be worth something on Antiques Roadshow, I am sure of it.

Closing the box, I heard a voice clear as day, filling my ears.

“The sum total of your life has ended up in cardboard boxes. You cannot bear the thought of living without them, can you? You need to go through those boxes and donate what you don’t need.”

I blurted out, “Yes Dear.”

Walking into the kitchen, I thought, “My credit cards are maxed out, and all I have to show for it is a garage full of cardboard boxes."