Stories Between 1 - 3 Minutes


Summer Vacation Is Here
Eddy and Billy ride their bikes to the park and play catch.
1-minute 18-second read time

Guilty With Explanation
Professor Squared received a ticket for speeding. He went to court and it did not end well.
1-minute 15-second read time

Power of Nine - Existing in Time
Professor Squared asked Professor L’esprit who taught French Philosophy, to step in and teach one of his math classes.
2-minute 51-second read time

Looking For a Pearl
William received an empty poke and was assured that it was filled with words.
2-minute 18-second read time

Between Nowhere and Somewhere
Andy was a writer who moved to the big city to find inspiration. He found a private 24-hour coffee shop and became a fixture where he spent hours writing and hoping to make millions as a writer and moving to his own private island.
2-minute 14-second read time

Finding a Path to a Destination
Randy was a cab driver and a guy flagged him down for a ride to the bridge. Randy took him to the mission instead.
2-minute 38-second read time

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