The Personal History Of David Copperfield


Charles Dickens provides many lessons to be happy, successful, and fulfilled while experiencing life.

Here is a 47-word quote from his book that teaches readers how to be happy.

"I remember, to take warning by his fate; and to observe that if a man had twenty pounds a year for his income and spent nineteen pounds nineteen shillings, and sixpence, he would be happy, but that if he spent twenty pounds one he would be miserable."

I condensed the 47-word passage into 7 words.

“Be Happy — Spend Less Than You Make”

“Be Healthy — Eat Less Than You Want”

“Be Wise — Read More Than You Can”

The quotes I made can be written on scraps of paper and displayed at a location near you.

There is a benefit of reading books on Project Gutenberg
You can find source material that can become writing prompts for your own work.

This book on Project Gutenberg has expired copyrights under the copyright laws in The United States.

Other countries have different copyright rules.

When I cut and paste parts of any book that I find on Project Gutenberg, I always credit the source.

The complete book, "The Personal History Of David Copperfield," is available to read at the website. 

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